Situated in Essex County, Danvers was originally known as Salem Village for its connection to the 1692 Salem witch trials. It was first inhabited by Native Americans then later settled by English colonists. By the 19th century Danvers had experienced much of its change when in the mid 1800’s the railroad had come into town. Years later a street railway had been created of horse-drawn trolleys which was later converted to electricity. Around 1855 the Town Hall was erected which was also at the same time that the southern part of town broke away to later become what we know as Peabody today.

Danvers had a history of being a prominent agricultural town, known for carrots and onions. Later, it had become known for having a strong base in the shoe manufacturing industry. Today Danvers is a mixed community of residential and still a strong commercial base given its great location along routes 95 and 128.

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