Buying Real Estate

Buying Real Estate

Buying a home is one of the largest purchases that one typically makes and following important steps is vital as you prepare. Below is a list that I have assembled to assist you in a smooth transaction.

Personal Finances
Be sure that you are saving your money for your down payment, but also avoid making any large purchases during this time as it can affect your loan qualification. A mortgage agent can also provide you with a good faith estimate for what your closing costs will be so that you can plan on having these funds ready when that time comes.

Mortgage Pre-Approval
One of the first things you will want to do is to get pre-qualified through a mortgage agent. A mortgage agent will provide you with an amount that a bank will approve you for a home loan. They will also provide you with a pre-approval letter which you will need to have on file for when you make your offer. Submitting this with your offer will show sellers that you are a financially sound candidate for purchasing their home.

Each neighborhood can vary in home price, services, and lifestyle offered. If you are unsure about location, let my experience guide you as you navigate your decisions in the search process. I have worked with several clients in the Boston area and can share my intimate knowledge about the various locations and what they have to offer.

Home Inspection
Regardless of the age of a property, a home inspection will provide you with a report of the home’s current condition and construction quality. This Information can help you with budgeting for future repairs as well as provides you with a great understanding of the home’s necessary care.


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